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The key to staying healthy is preventative care.

We recommend an annual wellness exam for children and adults, regardless of whether you are feeling ill. Wellness exams can be performed by any of our providers.

A typical adult wellness exam may include any annual labs covered by your insurance company. For women, a breast exam and pap smear may be recommended. A child’s wellness exam may include labs if indicated, but also covers topics such as growth and development milestones, monitoring of behavioral changes at home or at school, sports physicals, and any other concerns you may have.

These exams are important to your health for many reasons:

  • They allow us to get a baseline status of your health to compare to if there is a problem later.
  • They provide a chance for us to monitor your health for any concerns.
  • They allow us to maintain a relationship with our patients.
  • Wellness exams are typically covered by your insurance company.

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If you are seeking medical beyond your annual wellness exam, the providers at Machen Family Medicine can help. Take a look at our list of services or give us a call. 

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