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Our Services Include:

On Call Emergency Services

Same-Day Appointments


Newborn Care


Patient Testimonials

Dr. Machen is the best. He is very down to earth and and kind. He always takes the time to listen to every little concern, then asks questions to make sure we covered everything. He really listens to me and considers my suggestions, too, giving me honest feedback and opinions. I never feel rushed or unimportant. His office staff is always super friendly and genuinely kind as well. In this office I feel like more than a patient...I feel like a person.

Jennifer M

He and his staff are personable, professional, and very willing to answer, help, and do everything they can to help you get well! I love them and respect them all!

Linda H

He is a great and caring doctor.. He takes his time to go over your problems and send you to a specialist if needed. Excellent office staff so kind and willing to help.

Angela W

Dr. Machen is AMAZING!! He takes his time with you, he listens to you and he really cares about you and your health. I am so glad I took a friends advise and made an appointment to see him, he is now my families family doctor and we could not be more happier! Dr. Machen you ROCK!!

Monica L

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